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Convert from/ to native js

Convert from Date to a js-joda temporal

use method nativeJs to convert from native javascript Date to a js-joda Temporal.

Hint: nativeJs accepts moment objects as well.

Be aware of that a moment and Date always represent a timestamp (a certain point in time with a timezone). Therefore, the most reasonable convert is to an Instant or ZonedDateTime.

import { Instant, nativeJs } from '@js-joda/core';

const instant = Instant.from(nativeJs(new Date()))

// or with momentjs object
const instant = Instant.from(nativeJs(moment()))

Convert from js-joda temporal to a Date

Use method convert to convert a LocalDate | LocalDateTime | ZonedDateTime | Instant to javascript Date.

const date = convert(ZonedDateTime.now()).toDate();