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The API is immutable. An existing instance is never changed. All manipulating methods (plus, at, etc.) return new instances.

An existing instance is always valid. If you try to create an invalid value, you'll get an exception instead of a null or undefined value.

Method naming conventions

The API uses consistently named methods.

method name or prefix usage examples
.of static factory method for building by parts LocalDate.of(2016, 2, 23)
.parse static factory method for parsing strings LocalDate.parse('2016-02-23')
.is checks for certain conditions t1.isAfter(t2)
.equals checks for equivalence between two instances t1.equals(t2)
.with the immutable equivalent of a setter d.withDayOfMonth(1)
.plus adds an amount to an object t.plusMinutes(5)
d.plus(3, ChronoUnit.YEARS)
.minus subtracts an amount from an object t.minusHours(1)
d.minus(1, ChronoUnit.DAYS)
.to converts this object to another type dt.toLocalDate()
.at combines one object with another date.atTime(time)

Note that getter methods for instance properties omit the get keyword: d.year(), not d.getYear().